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About Us

Hello there!

I am John Doe. I had 4 operation for Pectus Excavatum. Yes 4 times wrong surgeries! My first surgery was fault beacuse this was Rawitch! Rawitch is worse treatment for Pectus Excavatum. Unfortunaly, my doctor didn’t know the Nuss Procedure or didn’t adapt Nuss Procedure to me.

However, to fix the fault surgery, i had 3 operations too. For aesthetic, it looks not good but i can bereath!

I am here because i want to help to people who have pectus for getting true and helpful information. If can i touch to a life of a person, it would be great thing for me!

On this site we will collect information on issues such as:

-Pectus сarinatum
-Pectus excavatum

we will talk about treatment methods and devices for correction

Anyway, good luck with Pectus!