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Vacuum Bell

Diferent Size Of Vacuum Bell

There Are Ten Size Of Vacuum Bell ​Mini 1 Vacuum Bell – 110 mm, round ​Mini 2 Vacuum Bell – 125 mm, round ​Middle 1 Vacuum Bell – 140 mm, round ​Middle 2 Vacuum Bell – 160 mm, round ​Middle 3 Vacuum Bell – 175 x195 mm, ellipse ​Big 1 Vacuum Bell...

What Is Vacuum Bell and How Does It Work For Pectus Excavatum?

The vacuum method was used as early as 1910 by Lange. A vacuum bell is a plastic device that is connected to a pump. You place the bell-shaped device on the front of the chest and use a pump to suck the air out of the device. This creates a vacuum that pulls the chest forward....

Vacuum Bell / Pectus Excavatum Treatment

The Therapy Of Vacuum Bell Method In addition to surgical repair of Pectus excavatum, the vacuum bell was introduced more than 10 years ago. It is a conservative treatment to correct the pectus excavatum. The preliminary results of Vacuum Bell are encouraging. With the vacuum...