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Brace Treatment for Pectus Carinatum

Pectus Carinatum Brace Treatment

Brace Treatment

The Brace treatment is a non-surgical way to cure this deformity. This treatment involves the fitting of the brace, which a person needs to wear for long hours every day. This generally takes around six months to get the desired result. However, the satisfaction may vary from person to person since same treatment might not be applicable for all. Compressive bracing results in a significant improvement followed by regular appointments for checkup.

Pectus carinatum brace surgery is quieting efficient and non-risky. The ill effects of this can only stretch to irritation only. If there is a moderate severity then this will be cured quickly within a few months. The self-adjustable, low profile bracing system is used in two phases. The first involves 24 h/d bracing until correction is achieved. The second phase is the maintenance phase during which the brace is worn only at night until axial growth is complete. If this procedure fails then there can be a surgical intervention needed to cure this.

How to Treat Pectus Carinatum?

Incision is made on the chest wall to cure this deformity by using the endoscopic approach. In 2008, Fonkalsrud reported a surgical strategy, which was more efficient than any other method. He said that the trend towards less extensive open techniques has resulted in “low morbidity, mild pain, short hospital stay and very good physiologic and cosmetic results.” The pectus carinatum deformity can at times be associated with congenital heart disease. Some with decreased endurance as well as asthma can benefit from pulmonary evaluation. While for some, this deformity can diminish their self-esteem, which is why they opt for surgeries.

Other Treatment Methods for Pectus Carinatum

The exercises, which target the muscles surrounding the chest cavity to grow so that the appearance of the outward chest cavity decreases. It has not yet been proved to be applicable and a permanent solution yet. Sometimes, this deformity is associated with heart diseases. It is advisable not to do any hard exercises after the surgery so that there is no pain.

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